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Welcome to Traxis International

Traxis Internationals line of receivers is made by and exclusively for DMS International.
Traxis International is wholly owned and operated by DMS International.

This is the official site of Traxis Receivers.  Other sites claiming to be Traxis satellite receiver sites are not associated in any way with Traxis International, Traxis receivers or DMS International.

DMS International does have several locations, but we have only 2 locations in the USA.  We have only 1 location in Georgia.  Our headquarters and only office in Georgia is located at 3939 Royal Drive, Suite 218, Kennesaw, Georgia.  The other office is near Denver Colorado and is the sales office for DMS Wireless.  Our overseas office is in China and operated by Mr. Dennis Chow.

If you are in need of receivers we would be happy to help you design your own brand label or use your existing brand to produce receivers for you.  We produce branded and generic satellite equipment.  See DMS China for more details.